Swaddling Clothes

Luke 2:1-21 |

This shall be a sign to you. You will see a baby lying in a manger wrapped in "swaddling clothes."

Levitical Shepherds - Between Jerusalem and Bethlehem shepherds were watching their flocks on the night that Jesus was born. They had been chosen and trained to attend to the of sheep that were to be used as sacrificial lambs in the Temple.

Sacrificial Lambs - "spotless and without." They required special treatment and observing. According to the laws of the time, the sheep that were used for the offerings had to be a one-year-old male sheep that had been outside for 365 day (one year). When they were ready, they were ready, they were taken to Jerusalem to be sacrificed on the Sabbath in the Temple.

When the mother ewe was preparing to give birth, she was taken to a special birthplace, a cave designated, for the birth of these sacrificial lambs. This cave was sterile and clean for swaddling cloth to protect them and keep them from blemish.

The Lamb of God - These shepherds did not need to search or ask directions. They immediately went to their usual birthing chamber to find the newborn "Jesus" wrapped in swaddling clothes in their manger. They had been to the birthing cave many times.