The Lord is My Shepherd

Psalm 23 |

Who is the Shepherd in Psalm 23?
He is Lord. He is Yahweh, the God Almight, God Most High, the One True and Living God who makes and keeps His covenants with his people. He is Messiah, the Shepherd to Come to rule and care for His people. He is Jesus the Good Shepherd. In the light of the New Testament, Jesus is the promised Messiah who laid down His life for His sheep on the Cross.

The Lord is "My Shepherd."
This is an intimate relationship. Not only does the Shepherd know His sheep, but the sheep know their Shepherd.

My Shepherd is the Shepherd in the Valley.
The presense of "My Shepherd" in all circumstances for all seasons. He is the Shepherd of green pastures and quiet waters, but He also walks us through the dark valleys and the difficult times of life.

My Shepherd is the Shepherd at Home.
My Shepherd invites me into His own home, which is a beautiful picture of heaven and eternal life. And that eternal life begins now. I don't have to wait until heaven to start enjoying the benefits of eternal life.